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Do you offer month of coordination?

No. Our services begin once the contract is signed. We can help plan your timeline, recommend vendors, provide design opinions along the way. The bulk of our work together occurs in the 8 weeks prior to the wedding, but it is not limited to any specific time window. 

Are there any tasks you do not do?

We typically work in 1-2 person teams. If tasks can be managed by this number of people, chances are we can do it. What we stay away from is physically difficult tasks such as tables & chair setup (there is a reason companies send a dedicated crew), and hanging lights from ceilings. Remember our primary focus is coordination. We generally recommend including setup & takedown when renting furniture or lighting from a rental company.

Do you have a limit on pre-wedding calls/emails?

No. We ultimately serve as your wedding consultant in the months leading up to your wedding. Use this time to leverage our expertise & ask all the questions. 

We would rather help setup a smooth, efficient, & enjoyable day for you in advance than adapting day-of. 

Do you attend rehearsal?

The short answer is: we can. We don't always, it depends on our clients preference. Our goal is to have all the processional details sorted & clearly understood with you so that you don't even need to have a rehearsal - our job is to cue & manage the ceremony on the day of : ) But we certainly can arrange to join & or facilitate it. 

Should we provide you helpers on the day of?

No. The phrase "too many cooks in the kitchen" can be all too real for weddings. We appreciate that family members want to help, but you have hired us to alleviate the burden from family & friends. If we require additional support (ie. Uncle Joe to bring the arch in his truck), we will work through those items with you in advance. Otherwise it is difficult to manage the execution of tasks when there are dozens of people involved. 

Can you help us plan a day of schedule?

Absolutely. We would prefer to!

Do we need to provide you a meal at the wedding?

Yes, for the coordinator & assistants. We are happy to be sat at a vendor specific table, (please don't put us in another room), or amongst your guests. 

Should we do a first look?

This is entirely your preference, but, we do love a first look for the timeline benefits they bring. It is really nice for the wedding party & guests to be able to flow directly from ceremony to cocktails to reception since the majority of photos can be completed before the ceremony when a first look is included. Plus, you (ironically) spend little alone time with your new spouse on the wedding day - a first look offers intentional 'you time'. 

Do you require accomodation?

We add accomodation for out-of-Calgary weddings that require our services beyond 11 pm. We do not want our team members driving home in the wee hours of the morning after a long day, especially when you cannot anticipate weather or road conditions. If takedown is not required and we can wrap up around 11 pm to be home around midnight, than we do not require accomodation.

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